Since 2001, The Green House® Project has been led by Jude Rabig, PhD. Jude and I share a passion for fundamental and enduring reform in societies approach to aging. Since we began working together, we have conducted a running discussion, debate, and deliberation that has had great influence on my thinking. Jude worked with me to ensure that this book participated in the long established academic discourse within the field of aging. This emphasis has, I think, contributed to the work’s credibility. She has also proven to be a highly effective project leader who has taken the Green House® from a set of ideas to a burgeoning movement. She has a brilliant career ahead of her. -from What are Old People For? (Vanderwyk & Burnham; 2004)
William H. Thomas, Green House® Project Founder

I have known Jude for over 10 years and her dedication to creating a better life for our elders in long-term care is inspiring. She brings an array of talents when partnering with organizations as she strives towards strengthening others and bringing a vision to life. There are three particular traits of hers that I really admire. Her ability to teach folks at all levels – she helps people “get it”. Her organizational skills to implement a plan. And, her vision – she creates the big picture – and to help people get it – she can show the small pictures to help others see the big picture.

Jeffrey I. Hutchins, CEO, Penick Village, Southern Pines, North Carolina

glenda-circle-160A revolution in long term care is sweeping this nation and Jude Rabig is leading the way!  If your organization is committed to true cultural change that will reap the many benefits of small home/small house/Green House® concepts, Jude is the one you want to call. She has positioned our organization to best serve senior health care needs for generations to come.

Glenda Creech of Wesley Village (Kentucky's first Continuing Care Retirement Community)

Jude Rabig is all about creating rich and meaningful living environments for Elders. I first met Jude in 2002, when we were both involved in developing the first Green House® Project in Tupelo, MS. She literally “wrote the book” on staff training, transforming the role of the front line care givers for this smaller, Elder-centered home environment. Since that time, her life’s work has been dedicated to making life better for Elders and the special individuals that care for them. I have had the privilege to maintain a friendship and working relationship with Jude. She has continued to study and grow, and through her work, effect positive change in how Elders are cared for. She has the experience and knowledge, but more importantly, the “heart” to help any organization evaluate and improve their program. Jude Rabig has a gift – she is an absolute to joy to work with and I always look forward to any opportunity to collaborate with her on project design.

Richard McCarty, CEO, The McCarty Company-Design Group

kathy-anderson-circle-100Goodwin House found Jude Rabig after a long exploration that included consideration of a national model. We were initially impressed with Jude for several reasons –positive references from credible clients including several multi-site organizations and some smaller organizations who all spoke highly about her ability to create long-term, sustained change; her clinical expertise; her operations and financial know-how; her passion for elders and those who serve them; her respect for the difficulty of a sustainable change process. After almost a year working together, we can say that those traits are indeed strong suits, but so are her sense of humor; her forthrightness; her ability to tease out truth and hope and inspire a diverse team. We found a friend, a mentor, a partner in Jude.

Kathleen S. Anderson, President and CEO, Goodwin House, Alexandria, VA

Jude joined our planning team at the recommendation of our architect. Her expertise in the area of design for those with cognitive impairment provided insight and education that caused us to re-design our original plan and move to the small house concept. We wanted our service to be personal, home like and I believe Jude has helped us accomplish this goal.

Ada Blair, CEO, Memorial Hospital, Carthage, IL