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Culture Change

Renovation Planning
Institutional to Home Dining
Person Centered Care Planning
Person Centered Dementia Care
Empowered Work Teams
Transition from Activities to Engagement
Restoring Choice & Managing Risk
Person Centered Medication Administration
Reduction of Polypharmacy


All the Models of Change – Which Fits Us?
Renaissance Leadership
The Interdisciplinary Team and the Person Centered Home
Holistic Person Centered Dementia Care – A Toolkit
Life Biography – the Key to Responsive Knowing
Interact – Readmission Reduction
Alarm Reduction
Falls Reduction
Alternatives to Antipsychotics
Habilitation and Meaning


Organizational Assessment and Roadmap to Change
Deciding on Change – A Leadership Intensive
Nuts and Bolts – An Operational Intensive
Director of Nursing Transition Coaching
Administrator Transition: Leading in a Deinstitutionalized Home
Person Centered Dining Planning and Implementation Coaching
Preparing a Team to Implement a New Model of Care
Transitioning Nursing Practice from Institution to Home

Small House

Financial Feasibility
Architectural Design
Operations Design
Regulatory Compliance
Staff Training
Leadership Training
Human Resource Planning
Policy and procedure Creation
Transition Planning
Quality Assurance
Sustainability Planning
Post Occupancy Evaluation

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