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McCarty Company 

Richard McCarty and his team envisioned designed and built the first Green Houses in Tupelo, Mississippi. Their understanding of the core conceptual model and key elements of the Green House/small house and their passion for the model of care have informed variety of successful projects.

Perkins Eastman Senior Living

Perkins Eastman’s innovative and national team of senior living design experts have created multiple Green House and Small House communities in a wide range of settings from rural and suburban to urban. Their creativity and expertise yield designs that support good quality of life and facilitate person-centered care delivery.

Shea Advisory Services

Toby Shea, CFA, provides financial strategic planning and advisory services. Financing strategies for new projects are provided leveraging Toby’s experience with finance and his experience in operations. Toby has the knowledge and experience to provide sound planning advice.

Jane Rohde, JSR Associates

A senior living and healthcare consulting firm that provides client focus groups for creative program and care model development, innovative funding strategies, and design and project management services based on evidence based research, sustainable design principles, and resident focused/patient centered programming.senior living, healing environments, sustainability, and aging in place.



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